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Terms & Conditions:


Service Animals are permitted on property with a registration form filled out and presented upon arrival. There is also a mandatory deposit of $200 for service animals, that will be returned to you upon a clean inspection of room at check-out. 



- The Lazy Guesthouse has a 7-day cancellation policy, otherwise your entire stay is charged. You must forward a confirmation email with request to cancel to or call 787-741-5555. Please keep this in mind when booking and make sure that you understand the type of room you have reserved. If you arrive at the guesthouse and then decide that our accommodations are not for you we do not mind helping you to find alternative accommodations, but you will be charged for your original reservation. If you have any questions at all about our facilities or location please contact us before booking.

- All cancellation must be made through the booking site you used to make your reservation, ie: if you booked through you need to contact to cancel your reservations.



- Children under the age of eighteen are welcome to stay as long as there is an adult present on the same reservation to accompany them.

- Please keep in mind that we are attached to a bar which does stay open late.



-Check is now fully contactless & self-guided, you will receive detailed  instructions for checking in (including passcodes and wi-fi information) the day of your arrival. Please check your booking engine inbox for this information (if you booked Airbnb, this will be in your Airbnb inbox, if you booked through, it will be in your inbox, etc.)


- Check in is anytime between 3pm and 11PM but you are welcome to drop off luggage sooner please call 787-741-5555 for more info. Guests can use the public bathrooms at our Bar Lazy Jacks until check-in.

- Please keep in mind that Lazy Jacks bartenders are NOT guesthouse employees, if you need assistance that is guesthouse related, please call or text 787-741-5555. 

- We do not provide storage for valuables before check in or after checkout, but there is a communal luggage rack which guests are welcome to use.

- It is important that guests check out by 11am so that our crew can clean the guesthouse before 3pm check-in. Guests will be charged a $20 late checkout fee if they have not vacated their rooms by noon on the day of checkout. There will be an extra $100 charge if the cleaning staff needs to pack and move your luggage out of the room themselves.

- When checking out of your room, please leave your key in the black key lockbox next to your room door. To guarantee that you are not charged for a lost key, your keys MUST be left in this key box . Keys left on beds, in the bar, in lockers or in other spots in the guesthouse may not be found by staff.

- You have a key to your room. Do not let other people into the guesthouse. If they have misplaced their key they should call a guesthouse representative for assistance. This rule also applies to guesthouse lock codes; the guesthouse entrance code and room door codes should only be shared  with members of your reservation.

- We have a security gate which closes off the courtyard area from the street. If you have rented a scooter or bike and would like to park it within the secure area, please inquire at check in. Please keep in mind that this gate will be locked by 11:00pm.

- The Lazy Guesthouse is not responsible for or liable for any lost or stolen items.


- All guesthouse rooms with private bathrooms are double occupancy and cannot be rented or shared by more guests than two.   

- We cannot guarantee that parties will be assigned to the same part of the guesthouse, though we do our best to keep those reserving under a single name close together.

- We try very hard to keep the outside out, but this is the Caribbean and lizards, mice and even the occasional iguana will wander into the guesthouse. You can help prevent this by not storing food in the rooms, even if it is wrapped in a bag. 


- The Lazy Guesthouse is attached to Lazy Jacks Pub which serves alcohol and is a "late-night" and occasionally a "live music" venue in accordance with commonwealth law. There is music playing until the time of close and, while most guests do not have trouble with the noise level, it can be difficult for people who need to sleep in silence.

- Common area quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am.

- We have free ear plugs available in the office.


- We keep a copy of your credit card on file during your stay in case of damages (cost varies) or lost keys ($20). If your booking site does not provide us with a credit card number (and they sometimes do not) we will ask for a credit card when you arrive. If you do not have a valid credit card you will not be able to stay with us.

- Please don’t drink so much that you are throwing up in the room. There is a $200 bodily fluid cleaning fee. You could also be charged if we are forced to refund other guests because of your behavior.  

- There will be a charge if bedding or other items are damaged or missing upon checkout. Cost will depend on the current local price to replace those items.

- Smoking is permitted outside the building and in Lazy Jacks Pub. Guests who smoke inside the Lazy Guesthouse rooms or common areas are subject to a $200 fine.



A staff member is always available to help with questions or concerns. Please call if you need anything 787-741-5555 We want to make sure your stay is amazing so please let us know if we can help you with anything.


For these policies and other information about the guesthouse please visit or the informational section of your booking site. You can also reach us directly at or 787-741-5555.

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