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Where are we?

Vieques is a separate island from Puerto Rico which means you will either fly or take the ferry to get here (see details  below) from what we call the “main island.”  Once in Vieques, note that we are located on the south side in the village of Esperanza on the waterfront boardwalk called the Malecon.  You will arrive at either the airport or the ferry dock which are both located on the North side, which is fifteen minutes away.” 


 To get to Vieques from San Juan, you can fly directly from San Juan Airport where you arrived (airport code: SJU, most expensive option via Cape Air or Vieques Airlink), fly from Isla Grande Airport (airport code: SIG, slightly cheaper, via Vieques Airlink or private charter), or make your way to the town of Ceiba  which is an hour and a half ride/drive away from San Juan metropolitan area and fly from Ceiba airport (cheaper than from metro area via Vieques Airlink or private charter).  Isla Grande regional airport is about 15 minutes from Old San Juan or International Airport.  

Taxis In Vieques

Vieques Taxi:  (787) 741-8294

 T&W: 787-219-3899

Mode's Transportation: (787) 295-3021

Angel Taxi: 787-243-2564

Ali Publico: 787-988-5357

Edwin Publico: 787-358-0655  

Ruben Publico: 787-436-0006 

Caleb (Late Night):  787-585-9560

Car & Golf Cart Rentals

Maritza's: (787) 741-0078

 Vieques Car Rental: (787) 412-8540

Avis: (787) 397-2533

Vieques UTV Rental: (787) 900-2535

Fun Brothers: (787) 435-9372

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