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Here in vieques, its always an

With beautiful weather year-round, Vieques is the perfect place to soak up some sun on a sandy beach, swim with the colorful fish, learn about the Island's unique history & culture, ride horses at sunset, or dance the night away and so much more!




Did you know our little island of Vieques has over 40 beaches? Ranging from shallow calm waters for those looking to relax, to wavy beaches with underwater caves for those seeking an adventure... there's something for everyone!

  • Esperanza Beach (5 minute walk from Guesthouse)

  • Sun Bay (15 minute walk from Guesthouse)

  • Media Luna (12 car or taxi ride from Guesthouse)

  • Navio (15 minute car or taxi ride from Guesthouse)

  • Caracas (20 minute car or taxi ride from Guesthouse)

  • La Chiva (22 minute car or taxi ride from Guesthouse)

  • Black Sand Beach (20 minute walk from Guesthouse)

  • Playa Grande (10 minute car or taxi ride from Guesthouse)

  • For more, visit 

Bioluminescent Bay

A bioluminescent bay glows bright, and ours is the brightest in the world! You can only go with a registered tour company, here are a few: 

Woman Snorkeling with Stingray


Want to explore the ocean and learn more about the diverse marine life Vieques has to offer? A snorkel tour is a wonderful way to get an up-close look at an amazing underwater world. 

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Vieques is famous for it’s beautiful Paso Fino horses that roam freely. A wonderful way to learn more and explore the island is with a horseback riding tour:

Tropical Beach

Island Tours

Explore the island by land or sea! Here are a few ways to learn more about Vieques:

On Foot:

By Bike:

By Boat:

Historic Sites & Hikes

Take a hike through the lush trees and flowers or step back in time and discover historic areas and buildings that make Vieques so unique. 

Snorkeling Equipment


Forgot to pack your snorkel gear? Want to kayak? Here are spots to rent all things aquatic:

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Groceries & gifts? Yes, please!

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